Cc Powell Service and Maintenance

The ethos of Cc Powell Ltd is built on service. Regular servicing and maintenance of your machinery is critical to its performance, longevity and safety. All our products carry recommended service schedules highlighted by the manufacturers and ensuring these services are carried out is crucial in minimising operation costs, downtime and protecting second-hand values. Out of season appraisals and services are encouraged by Cc Powell Ltd and as part of this package parts and service costs can be reduced.

Our servicing of your machinery out ways short-term DIY benefits or non-approved service agents due to the investment Cc Powell Ltd puts its training our service technicians to be fully qualified and updated by manufacturers’ service training.

The fully equipped workshops at Montbletton allow for the servicing of machinery within excellent facilities and in a safe working environment. Our workshops allow for all types of machinery to be serviced and the pre delivery inspection of new machinery.

In addition to these services at Montbletton, we have recently invested in workshop tooling machinery (lathe, milling tools etc) as we are then able to manufacture specific parts when emergency repairs are a necessity.

Our team of service vans are well equipped for new machine start offs, on-site servicing and for in field breakdowns. Combining our after sales and parts locations on the Black Isle and at Montbletton we are in a strong position to give professional support to all franchises and more.