The Pottinger Range covers a large remit of cultivation and grassland machinery.

Founded in 1871, Pottinger has been dedicated to agricultural technology with pioneering developments and continues to be rewarded with international recognition.

Pottinger’s Mission – ‘Pottinger is an Austrian family-owned company that contributes to a sustainable increase in effectiveness, efficiency and quality in agricultural production and that acts as a partner on whom its customers can rely’.

Cc Powell Ltd was awarded the Pottinger franchise 2019 and since we have successfully sold items from each sector. We have also had success at local ploughing matches with the Pottinger Servo 45M Nova Plough. C c Powell Ltd is proud to be part of the Pottinger dealer network in the UK.

For the comprehensive range of Pottinger Machinery, which is too expansive to list here, please click here to visit their web site.


We recently delivered and set off this new Pottinger Lion 303 power harrow and Vitasem 302 ADD seed drill.  (VITASEM A implement-mounted drills are quickly and easily fitted to the soil preparation implement. In the field the weight of the seed drill acts directly on the rear roller. This means that the power harrow remains free-moving. The VITASEM A CLASSIC models are lighter and therefore suitable for 4 cylinder tractors and smaller farms.)

The customer commented highly on the build quality and finish of the machine, the simple seed metering unit and the simplicity of operation of the whole machine. This machine is fitted with Pottinger’s own double disk system where the large dual disk system allows high working speeds and more pressure applied to the disks – up to 50kg.

Having the press wheels behind the coulters this feature makes sure that the seed is covered evenly.

The central coulter adjustment on the ADD model makes altering the pressure very easy with just one bolt to adjust all. On this model the customer chose to go with wide 15cm seed spacing being ideal for OSR.

 We look forward to hearing on the customer’s feedback after the season and how well the crop of OSR germinates and yields.

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