Chafer and Horstine

Since 1901 Chafer and Horstine have become bye-words for accurate application of chemical and fertilisers in agriculture. This experience is used to create application equipment which is durable, accurate and efficient for your business.

Based in North Lincolnshire, all machines are designed and manufactured for the application of liquid and granular products. From crop sprayers to precision applicators all machines are custom built to suit customer’s requirements.

Chafer offers trailed and self-propelled sprayers combining technology advancement and easy operation resulting in excellent reliability and second-hand residual value. Horstine gives the opportunity for solutions to specific precision granular application of chemicals, fertilisers and seeds

The range of Chafer Sprayers, Horstine Granular Applicators and Chafer De-icing Solutions are illustrated extensively on their website, click here to view.

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